“We come from a family of soldiers. Our father and uncles were war veterans. Some of my cousins are all enlisted for service. We all know the perils of this job but it still did not lessen the heartache when we knew that my brother died in battle. This exhibit means so much for our family. Seeing my brother’s face posted on the wall, among the other service men and women who died fighting for our country, is a surreal experience. We may not have been with him when he died but now all of us have an opportunity to pay our respects and honor each and every one of these fallen heroes. I love my brother dearly and my heart is glad because now America knows who he was as a person.”

“I knew some of these faces. They were my trusted comrades. I just want to share my fond memories of them. When we were in Afghanistan, a thousand miles away from our families and facing danger head-on, we had no choice but to hold on each other. Each of us would hug each other before being dispatched to the battle area. We all prayed together that the wars would be over. Yes, there were dangers all around but our faith was stronger. We wanted to give all our effort to put an end to the violence and loss of lives. There was a burning commitment within us to protect our land and our families from those men that we were fighting against. We made up our minds that none of us might make it back home. Yes, we accepted that fact. Yet, we still carried on, wanting to bring down as many men with us as possible to ensure that their evil ways would not prevail. We wanted a world where peace and order reign. I would like to tell all of you not to be sad about their deaths but rather be proud of them for they fought the good fight. Rest now, my comrades. Until we see each other again.”